About Us

Erie, CO veterinary care!

When you and your pet become part of the Foxtail Pines family, you’ll likely hear Dr. Skelley refer to “the common denominator” at some point (or several!). So what does that mean?

“It’s about diagnostics. First we’ll assess the situation and discuss your pet’s health. Then, we work together to find the solution we’re all comfortable with,” he says.

We know that there is no “one size fits all” approach to veterinary medicine. That’s why we ensure a one-on-one approach instead. We learn about your and your pet’s lifestyles and needs. Is money no object, or is affordability of treatment a major factor in the decision process? We make all the relevant information accessible and in layman’s terms, so you are empowered to make a decisions that you know are right for you and your furry companion.

With a Little Help from Our Friends

While we have 30+ years of experience under our belts, we know we’re the “somewhat” new veterinary clinic in Boulder County, so we were eager to make friends. We’re proud of the relationships we’ve cultivated with specialists in the area, and we are happy to bring them into our facility as needed. That way, your pet gets the absolute best, most specific care as the situation requires, while benefiting from the comfort that comes from staying in a familiar place (and you save on gas!).